Back to School Fashion

If you were to ask others what word best describes me, I would guess the first word out of 97% of their mouths would be “fashionable”. While no one has ever told me this to my face (jealous much?), I can only assume that my gray sweatshirt I wear on a bi-weekly basis and the jeans that I wear everyday with the ambiguous stain and broken zipper are taken as a purposeful stab at modern materialism and are admired by my peers. Also, I switch up my three pairs of shoes frequently enough to keep people on their toes (punz).

Anyway, I’ve decided that it’s just not fair for me to keep all my fashion -related knowledge to myself, especially when we all want to dress to impress this school year. As a senior in college, I’ve taken it upon myself to show the lower class men how it’s done. Listen up, freshies.


This classic deerskin beauty is for those of us who want to be classy and outdoorsy at the same time. Worn barefoot, it screams “I build my own lean-tos and also haven’t brushed my teeth in four years”. Be careful with this one, ladies. Jacob (the werewolf, obvi) will be all over you as soon as you don this one.


For those of you attending a private school, Uggs are a must. These are my absolute favorite though, because they are covered in pearls. I added diamonds as well, but feel free to have your tailor stitch in rubies. A little color never hurt anyone. A little warning: if you use fake pearls, all the popular girls will smell dollar store from a mile away..and good luck getting into the jamming parties after that!


These are an absolute must. I am personally a fan of anything that looks like a wild animal swallowed both a stripper and a fairy and threw it up into the shape of a stiletto, so these are right up my ally.


Finally, and this is important, DON’T BE AFRAID OF ANIMAL PRINT. The more, the better, Mix, match, dye your skin leopard print; I love it all. If there is one style that says “low-maintenance and ready to chill”, it’s animal print. Extra points if it is the skin of an actual animal.**

**No animals were harmed in the making of this blog



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  1. Taylor

    “Jamming parties”

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