Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday commemorates fall of our sophomore year of college; a time when, as hard as it may be to believe, we may have been even cooler than we are now.

Here’s the back story: we had some friends going to the zombie pub crawl. We were just underaged children at the time, so we were in charge of doing their zombie makeup and being safe and responsible drivers. After we had dropped off the actual pub crawlers, the temptation of the zombie makeup and fake blood sitting back at their apartment was too much to resist. The result was this video.

**On a slightly more exciting and grown up note, Callie, who is the fourth star of this video and who Tessa had the joy of getting to live with for two years, got ENGAGED last week. Shout out to the bride to be and her handsome fiancé. We’d also like to apologize to John for being weird influences on his beautiful future wife.


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