Why I don’t swim in lakes.

Here’s the thing – I don’t swim in lakes. Ever. It has probably been 8-10 years since I have swam in a lake. This fear comes directly from the amount of snakes I saw in lakes when I went fishing with my dad when I was little. There are other reasons I don’t swim in lakes, but snakes are the primary one. Now, if you want to go boating, canoeing, tubing, jet skiing, or any activity ON the water, I’m your girl. But don’t think I’m going to get in that water.

Yesterday I got in the water. I was at the beautiful Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, and decided it couldn’t hurt to put aside my fear and wade into the water. (Note: I was still not about to swim, but I would wade.) I suddenly felt something sharp on the heel of my foot. Unable to transfer my weight, I felt the object push further into my heel. Lifting my foot out of the water I discovered the object was a syringe needle (A SYRINGE NEEDLE) so I immediately pulled it out of my foot and got out of the water.


At this point in the story I’d like to point out the (hopefully) obvious fact that the first time I stepped in a lake in nearly a DECADE I got stabbed with a giant, possibly infected NEEDLE. How’s that for luck?

One tetanus shot, 2 hours in the doctor’s office, and a filled prescription of penicillin later and I decided that staying out of lake water was always and will always be the best option.



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