Stupid Pin Sunday

…Slash Monday. Better late than never, right?



Ow. Please don’t get this much of your ear cut out. Also it’s probably only going to keep its star shape for about 2 years.



Ok, whatever to the quote. It’s fine. But my problem is that I can hardly even focus on reading the “motivational message” when this girl’s massive wedgie is staring me in the face. Seriously, that cannot be a comfortable workout outfit. Also, (mini rant related to typography) the line spacing is all wrong.




Cheesecake. Guacamole. Beer. Ice cream. Lasagna. Sweet potato fries. Chocolate chip cookies. Curry. Butter popcorn. Butter in general. Gumbo. Dark chocolate truffles. Deep dish pizza. Pad Thai. Bagels with cream cheese. Banana Pancakes. Nachos. Macaroni and cheese. Pumpkin muffins. Lo Mein. Monster cookies. Pesto. Sea salted caramel. Peanut butter. Cinnamon rolls. Pot stickers. Ravioli. Grilled cheese. Brownies. Gnocchi. Tacos. Hot fudge sundays. Corn chowder. Cream cheese wontons. Mashed potatoes. Root beer floats. Whipped cream. Rhubarb Pie. Stuffed mushrooms. Granola. Eggs Benedict. Soft pretzels. Sushi. Mojitos. Egg rolls. Stuffed french toast. Red velvet cake. Chips and salsa. Things on a stick.



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