Woman Crush Wednesday

I know what you’re thinking. For a blog about three girls and a cat there has been a shockingly low amount of posts about cats. No worries. We’re on it.

Banksy is a special cat. And not in the way all people think their pets are special. Everyone who meets Banksy agrees that he’s special. Even dog people end up liking Banksy.

One of our favorite things about Banksy is his dramatic nature. He is the ultimate drama queen. For example, when he sits in front of the refrigerator door and you gently open it to slide him out of the way he lays sprawled out on the floor as if you just knocked him over in an extremely violent manner and continues to lay there until you leave the room. The same act is displayed when you gently nudge him with your foot.

In the following video Banksy displays his most dramatic show to date. On Halloween of last year we purchased a pet costume to put on Banksy for 5 minutes and immediately take it back off. (We promise we aren’t cruel to animals.) Banksy was not having it and, being the drama queen that he is, wasn’t discreet about showing his discomfort. We quickly got some video (and the following picture) before relieving him of his “pain”.

Note: The outfit fit him perfectly and he was quite capable of moving his limbs. Any lack of limb motion was simply to prove a point to his owners.

This is the face of pure joy.

This is the face of pure joy.


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