A (somewhat random) post about my love for Beyonce.

This summer I was sitting at work one day when I found out Beyonce was in town. I decided to look up ticket prices and have a good chuckle at how outrageous they were. Instead I found a single ticket for a price that was outrageous in the cheap way. I’m going to clue you in on the secret to going to a Beyonce concert for less than 5 million dollars.
1. Decide you’re going two hours before the concert starts.
2. Buy a single ticket. Venues feel bad about the fact that you have no friends.
That’s a lie. Actually people don’t want single seats because they want to go see Beyonce with their girlfrans after drinking some cocktails and watching Sex & The City!!!
All my friends were out of town and I prefer craft beer and cooking shows.

Anyway, I love Beyonce. We all do. If you say you don’t you’re lying to yourself so drop the act and get on the Queen B party bus because you’re late and you don’t want to miss this. I highly recommend going to a show because it is the greatest performance you will ever see in your life (too far?). In case you don’t though I’ve included this link to a Buzzfeed which is a pretty accurate depiction of what the experience is like. Some are a little much even for me (see #9), but some are totally accurate (see #18).



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