Sexy Brunch

This past Sunday was the first ever occurrence of a now weekly event we have dubbed Sexy Brunch. Now before I explain Sexy Brunch, I will outline the thought process that led us to Sexy Brunch…


“We should have friends over for dinner sometime soon” —> “Instead of cooking food for everyone we should have a potluck!” —> “Back To School Potluck!” —> “That’s too long to wait, let’s have one next week” —> “POTLUCK BRUNCH?!” —> “Since we’ll be eating breakfast food we can wear pajamas, right?” —> *Manor gals show up in dresses lookin’ cute* —> *Katie and Sondra are forced to change out of their pajamas* —> “Sexy Brunch!”

So as you can gather from the above process, the ‘sexy’ aspect of Sexy Brunch basically just means ‘no pajamas.’ It also means drinking Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, which can also be pretty sexy.

Now some of you may be confused by my reference to the ‘Manor gals’ as they were not defined in our original Guide to Sexplex Living, so here is the definition:

Manor Gals – Our only friends.

Now that that’s covered, here’s an overview of the first ever Sexy Brunch…




Food: Zucchini Bread, Strawberry/Yogurt/Granola Parfait, and Fried Egg, Spinach, Marinara, and Cheese on Naan


Drinks: Pomegranate Blueberry Juice, Coffee, and Orange Juice

Sexy Highlights: We wore dresses, Taylor unbuttoned the top button on her shirt, I think that’s it…?

Un-Sexy Highlights: Nobody had showered, A large portion of our breakfast conversation involved poop, Taylor spilled food on her previously unbuttoned shirt thus eliminating the sexy factor

Maybe we should start calling this Un-Sexy Brunch…


Amen to that.

Yesterday was an especially optimistic day on the internet, as I ran across several videos with happy messages that I thought I would share with you.

First we have Ashton Kutcher, looking especially Iowan, as he uses his speech at the Teen Choice Awards as an opportunity to tell them the stuff they need to hear, which I think is pretty cool.

Next we have late night talk show host Craig Ferguson using his opening monologue to tell people that growing up isn’t a bad thing!

Yay for celebrities using their positions to spread good messages! Very Emma-Stone-and-Andrew-Garfield of them, no?

Last we have Jessica. Let’s all start our morning out like this from now on – yelling in the mirror about what we’re thankful for and what we like about ourselves.


The very first post of our very first blog.

DSC_0243 copy

Chances are you are not reading this blog on purpose. Maybe you were googling hot dish recipes and mistook our blog for an opportunity to add a little flavor to your typically bland Minnesotan mealtime. Or maybe you’re actually one of our friends who thinks we are hilarious and interesting (shout out to all two of you).  Either way, we would like to welcome you to your new favorite webpage. This blog is an opportunity for you to get your fill of things we think are funny, things we think are stupid, and of course, cats.

Since we are going to be best friends from now on, we’d like to give you an introduction into our fabulous lives. The following is a glossary of terms/names that you will need to know in order to keep up with our fast paced world:

Banksy: Banksy is our cat. Two of us (Sondra and Tessa), do not consider themselves “cat people”, but Banksy is more than a cat…he’s our fourth roommate. He is also a gay male who is tragically in love with a neighborhood squirrel (forbidden love, since Banksy is technically an indoor cat). He’s not the smartest little kitten on the block, but the kid’s got spunk. He’s also British (probably).

The Wilder Sexplex: This is what the people call our home. By the people, I mean just us mostly. The reason is not that we have wild love lives, as you might assume by the previous paragraph, but that we live on Wilder Street and there are six apartments in our complex.

Katie: Lover of all catz except the cat next door.

Sondra: Says things and makes things, sometimes at the same time.

Tessa: Says things to be ironic and then forgets to stop saying those things. YOLO.

Now that you’ve realized that the hole in your hearts can be filled with stories about our cat, we can’t wait for you to obsessively check our blogs for new posts.

Goodnight from the sexplex!

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