Stupid Pin Sunday

It’s that time of the week again people. I hope you look forward to this as much as we do. By “you”, it’s now clear we mean the Manor Girls. Starting off with a bang:

Tessa’s Pick


I’m a huge fan of writing inspirational things over powerful photographs (i.e. “Love is the understanding silence in a world of noise” in cursive over a generic picture of the ocean). In this same category is the new trend of bucket lists written over pretty pictures. Some say things like “Release a lantern into the night” or “Marry my best friend”. I’m pretty partial to this one though. Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend hitting up the sights of France with the girlz? And, more importantly, what girl doesn’t consider Adolf one of her bffs?

I wish I could say that the young lady who posted this was just playin’ (who doesn’t love a little flippant Hitler humor?), as I assume the the picture’s creator was. Unfortunately, this particular pinner must have misunderstood the flippant intentions, as was obvious in her caption “Before I die ❤ ❤ <3” posted between “Take his last name” and “Have a glitter fight”.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Sondra’s Pick


From a board called “Tattoo Ideas”. Is this suppose to make me want to get this tattoo??

Katie’s Pick


I would hope that it’s obvious why this is stupid, but apparently it isn’t, as the previous pinner’s caption on this was “EPIC PROPOSAL!” No. It’s Not. Here’s why:

It’s a text message.

And also it’s dumb because this is not how a conversation would go. If my non-existent significant other texted me and asked me what order him and I and two people names Mary and Will would sit in, I would not start guessing. I would say “Who the heck are Mary and Will?”

And also the fact that it’s a marriage proposal via text message. Not ok.


Stupid Pin Sunday

To make the end of the weekend a little less sad, we’ve decided to make Sundays our official day to let you all in on our new hobby: mocking people and feeling superior. Don’t get us wrong…we love Pinterest; but we have noticed a common theme in the extensive amount of time we’ve spent pinning. People pin stupid things. Because of this realization, we started a secret board called “These things are really, really stupid” (Shout out to Emma and Taylor, the other active contributors to the board).

From now on, we will be sharing the dumbest of the dumb on this blog on Sundays, just so the human race doesn’t get too cocky about how smart and evolved we are.



Yes, those are what you think they are. Butt cookies.

Your reaction – Yes, it is kind of weird, and most people don’t want to eat a cookie that looks like a butt, but there are situations in which they would be appropriate such as a gag gift or at a bachelorette party.

My response – 1. Please do not serve these at MY bachelorette party. 2. They were pinned from the website As in CHILDREN. When did thong wearing cookies become cute for kids?!



Here’s the thing, I love most anything Harry Potter related. I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated solely to HP things. But something I don’t love is spelling errors, especially on a pin, because if you’re going to take the time to create a pin to put on Pinterest, I would think you’d take the time to spell check the FOUR WORDS on it. And also, I assume anyone creating a pin referencing HP is a fan of the books, so WHY do they not know how to spell SLYTHERIN????? Ugh.

Ps – I really hope I spelled everything right in this mini rant, because hypocrisy is another violation that’ll get someone added to my list…


Marry him.

Ok ladies, let’s talk for a minute about something called “standards”.  Maybe mine are too high, but I like to think that pausing a video game will not be a selling point to commit myself to spending the rest of my life with someone.

Plus, have you ever paused SmashBros in the middle of Kirby doing a body slam? You’re welcome, future husband, for giving you the opportunity to see that madness.

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