Amen to that.

Yesterday was an especially optimistic day on the internet, as I ran across several videos with happy messages that I thought I would share with you.

First we have Ashton Kutcher, looking especially Iowan, as he uses his speech at the Teen Choice Awards as an opportunity to tell them the stuff they need to hear, which I think is pretty cool.

Next we have late night talk show host Craig Ferguson using his opening monologue to tell people that growing up isn’t a bad thing!

Yay for celebrities using their positions to spread good messages! Very Emma-Stone-and-Andrew-Garfield of them, no?

Last we have Jessica. Let’s all start our morning out like this from now on – yelling in the mirror about what we’re thankful for and what we like about ourselves.



Stupid Pin Sunday

To make the end of the weekend a little less sad, we’ve decided to make Sundays our official day to let you all in on our new hobby: mocking people and feeling superior. Don’t get us wrong…we love Pinterest; but we have noticed a common theme in the extensive amount of time we’ve spent pinning. People pin stupid things. Because of this realization, we started a secret board called “These things are really, really stupid” (Shout out to Emma and Taylor, the other active contributors to the board).

From now on, we will be sharing the dumbest of the dumb on this blog on Sundays, just so the human race doesn’t get too cocky about how smart and evolved we are.



Yes, those are what you think they are. Butt cookies.

Your reaction – Yes, it is kind of weird, and most people don’t want to eat a cookie that looks like a butt, but there are situations in which they would be appropriate such as a gag gift or at a bachelorette party.

My response – 1. Please do not serve these at MY bachelorette party. 2. They were pinned from the website As in CHILDREN. When did thong wearing cookies become cute for kids?!



Here’s the thing, I love most anything Harry Potter related. I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated solely to HP things. But something I don’t love is spelling errors, especially on a pin, because if you’re going to take the time to create a pin to put on Pinterest, I would think you’d take the time to spell check the FOUR WORDS on it. And also, I assume anyone creating a pin referencing HP is a fan of the books, so WHY do they not know how to spell SLYTHERIN????? Ugh.

Ps – I really hope I spelled everything right in this mini rant, because hypocrisy is another violation that’ll get someone added to my list…


Marry him.

Ok ladies, let’s talk for a minute about something called “standards”.  Maybe mine are too high, but I like to think that pausing a video game will not be a selling point to commit myself to spending the rest of my life with someone.

Plus, have you ever paused SmashBros in the middle of Kirby doing a body slam? You’re welcome, future husband, for giving you the opportunity to see that madness.

The very first post of our very first blog.

DSC_0243 copy

Chances are you are not reading this blog on purpose. Maybe you were googling hot dish recipes and mistook our blog for an opportunity to add a little flavor to your typically bland Minnesotan mealtime. Or maybe you’re actually one of our friends who thinks we are hilarious and interesting (shout out to all two of you).  Either way, we would like to welcome you to your new favorite webpage. This blog is an opportunity for you to get your fill of things we think are funny, things we think are stupid, and of course, cats.

Since we are going to be best friends from now on, we’d like to give you an introduction into our fabulous lives. The following is a glossary of terms/names that you will need to know in order to keep up with our fast paced world:

Banksy: Banksy is our cat. Two of us (Sondra and Tessa), do not consider themselves “cat people”, but Banksy is more than a cat…he’s our fourth roommate. He is also a gay male who is tragically in love with a neighborhood squirrel (forbidden love, since Banksy is technically an indoor cat). He’s not the smartest little kitten on the block, but the kid’s got spunk. He’s also British (probably).

The Wilder Sexplex: This is what the people call our home. By the people, I mean just us mostly. The reason is not that we have wild love lives, as you might assume by the previous paragraph, but that we live on Wilder Street and there are six apartments in our complex.

Katie: Lover of all catz except the cat next door.

Sondra: Says things and makes things, sometimes at the same time.

Tessa: Says things to be ironic and then forgets to stop saying those things. YOLO.

Now that you’ve realized that the hole in your hearts can be filled with stories about our cat, we can’t wait for you to obsessively check our blogs for new posts.

Goodnight from the sexplex!

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